Job Board

The MAIN 2021 Job Board

We have decided to create a Job Board, where researchers can post available Neuro/AI positions in their labs and universities (Internships, Masters, PhDs, postdocs, tenure-track positions, etc.). The list of posted positions will be regularly updated throuhout the conference and made available to attendees and visitors to this website (see below).


Do you have a Neuro/AI position available in your lab or university ?

You can add positions to the MAIN Job Board by providing some minimal information using this Submission Form.

Important: Please keep in mind that you should only post job offers that fall within the scientific theme of MAIN, which is the Neuro-AI field. We recommend you avoid advertising for pure AI or pure Neuroscience opportunities, otherwise we may decide not to include your post in the generated list.


Are you looking for an internship, MSc, PhD, Postdoc or a tenure-track position in the Neuro-AI field ?