MAIN 2021

Montreal AI & Neuroscience

November 29-30, 2021


Live stream the event: YouTube

Welcome to the 5th edition of the Montreal AI and Neuroscience conference, Nov 29-30, 2021. We're looking forward to two days of virtual talks, keynote lectures and discussion panels at the crossroads of biological and artificial intelligence. If you're in Montreal, come join us for some great in-person events during the conference (including a watch party + educational workshop + social event Tuesday evening)!

Live updates - Number of registered attendees so far: 2340


Registration to MAIN 2021 is free but mandatory. You will be able to attend all the talks live via Crowdcast. Registered participants will receive information by email before the meeting. Click on the button below!


Submitted graphical and video abstracts are being evaluated. A selection of videos will be streamed during the lunchbreaks as lightning talks. Prizes will be announced during the closing ceremony on Tuesday !

MAIN 2021 Speakers & Panelists

Yoshua Bengio

Université de Montréal & Mila

Bing W. Brunton

University of Washington

Raymond Chua

PhD candidate
McGill University & Mila

Daniel Dennett

Tufts University

James DiCarlo

MIT McGovern Institute

Ahmed El Hady

University of Konstanz & Princeton University

Surya Ganguli

Stanford University

Marta Garrido

University of Melbourne

Alison Gopnik

University of California at Berkeley

Jordan Harrod

Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology program

Biyu Jade He

Neuroscience Institute, NYU

Erik Hoel

Tufts University

LLana James

AI, Medicine and Data Justice Post-Doctoral Fellow
Queen's University

Jean-Remi King

ENS - CNRS - Facebook AI Research

Jason E. Lewis

Concordia University

Yalda Mohsenzadeh

The Brain and Mind Institute, Western University

Marieke Mur

University of Western Ontario

Xaq Pitkow

Baylor College of Medicine & Rice University

Jean Baptiste Poline

McGill University

Irina Rish

Université de Montréal & Mila

Anil Seth

University of Sussex

Lucina Q. Uddin

University of California, Los Angeles

Joshua T. Vogelstein

John Hopkins University

Hao Ting Wang

Post-Doctoral Fellow
Université de Montréal

Alex H. Williams

NYU & Flatiron Institute

Guangyu Robert Yang

MIT McGovern Institute

Session Chairs and Moderators

Paul Cisek

Université de Montréal

Becket Ebitz

Université de Montréal

Karim Jerbi

Université de Montréal & Mila

Andrea Green

Université de Montréal

Guillaume Lajoie

Université de Montréal & Mila

Charlotte Maschke

PhD candidate McGill University

Lucia Melloni

Max Planck for Empirical Aesthetics

Danielle Nadin

Black In Neuro

Blake Richards

McGill University & Mila

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MAIN WATCH PARTY - 🍿📽️ - Nov 29-30

MAIN SOCIAL EVENT - 🍕🍟🎵🐼✨ - Nov 30th, 7pm

All these in-person events are in Montreal (limited capacity/vaccine pass required)

More about these events and how to sign-up HERE

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The goal of MAIN is to bring together trainees, researchers including world leaders in Neuroscience and AI from across the globe, and build a more inclusive and diverse Neuro-AI community.

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